Hookah Diving Links

Last updated 05/09/2009

Prices mentioned are for electric deck units, not floating or gas powered units.

Introduction to Hookah Diving - A great write up. Easy to understand and comprehensive. DANG. THIS SITE IS GONE!!!! But I found a copy of it!!! Click on the original link for the copy.
DIY compressor Short blurb about some considerations in choosing and setting up a compressor.
Commercial Systems $750-$1,700 Scroll down to "Brownies Pressurized Snorkle" for the $750 unit. COmplete 12v setup less weight belt. For saftey a harness with a check valve is recommended.
Commercial system $1,100
Commercial systems $1,200-$1,400
Commercial systems Australia AUD 1,500-3,800 - This one is gone, as well.