MP3 Books

Last updated 09/03/06

I have read some of the other books, but have marked in blue only the ones I have listened in MP3.

Series Title Author Status
 1 000 000 pound Bank-NoteMark TwainListened
 10000 Years in a Block of IceLouis BoussenardListened
 20000 Leagues Under The SeaJules VerneListened
 Adventures of Ben GunnR F DelderfieldListened
 Alan QuartermainH Rider HaggardListened
 All Gold CanyonJack LondonListened
 Amphibian ManAlexandre BeliaevListened
 Ankardyne PewW F HarveyListened
 Another Short in the LockerMichael KentListened
 Around the World in 80 daysJules VerneListened
 BartlebyHerman MelvilleListened
 Before AdamJack LondonListened
 BenitaH Rider HaggardListened
 Big Bow MysteryIsrael ZangwillListened
 Black Bag Left on a DoorstepCatherine Louisa PirkisListened
 Black BloodhoundFarnham BishopListened
 Black FerryJohn GaltListened
 Black Martins TreasureBernard MastersListened
 Blow up with the BrigWilkie CollinsListened
 Blue RoomProsper MerimeeListened
 Body SnatcherRobert Louise StevensonListened
 Bold DragoonWashington IrvingListened
BonesOfTheRiver01 The Fearful Word Edgar WallaceListened
BonesOfTheRiver02 The Medical Officer of Health Edgar WallaceListened
BonesOfTheRiver03 The Black Egg Edgar WallaceListened
BonesOfTheRiver04 A Nice Gel Edgar WallaceListened
BonesOfTheRiver05 The Brass Bedstead Edgar WallaceListened
BonesOfTheRiver06 A Lover of Dogs Edgar WallaceListened
BonesOfTheRiver07 The Camera Man Edgar WallaceListened
BonesOfTheRiver08 The Healer Edgar WallaceListened
BonesOfTheRiver09 The Wazoos Edgar WallaceListened
BonesOfTheRiver10 The All-Africans Edgar WallaceListened
BonesOfTheRiver11 The Woman who spoke to Birds Edgar WallaceListened
BonesOfTheRiver12 The Lake of The Devil Edgar WallaceListened
 Brazilian Cat Sir Arthur Conan DoyleListened
 Brown Hand Arthur Conan DoyleListened
 Buoy That Did Not Light Edgar WallaceListened
 Burglary Arnold BennettListened
 Byzantine Omelette SakiListened
 Cabbages and Kings O HenryListened
 Call of the Wild Jack LondonListened
 Canterville Ghost Oscar WildeListened
Captain David Grief 01 The Proud Goat Of Aloysius Pankburn Jack LondonListened
Captain David Grief 02 The Devils Of Fuatino Jack LondonListened
Captain David Grief 03 The Jokers Of New Gibbon Jack LondonListened
Captain David Grief 04 A Little Account With Swithin Hall Jack LondonListened
Captain David Grief 05 A Goboto Night Jack LondonListened
Captain David Grief 06 The Feathers Of The Sun Jack LondonListened
Captain David Grief 07 The Pearls Of Parlay Jack LondonListened
CAPTAIN SHARKEY 01 Governor of Saint Kitt's Came Home Arthur Conan DoyleListened
CAPTAIN SHARKEY 02 Dealings with Stephen Craddock Arthur Conan DoyleListened
CAPTAIN SHARKEY 03 Blighting of Sharkey Arthur Conan DoyleListened
CAPTAIN SHARKEY 04 Copley Banks slew Sharkey Arthur Conan DoyleListened
 Captain Singleton Daniel DefoeListened
CARNACKI 01 Thing Invisible William Hope HodgsonListened
CARNACKI 02 Gateway of the Monster William Hope HodgsonListened
CARNACKI 03 House Among the Laurels William Hope HodgsonListened
CARNACKI 04 Whistling Room William Hope HodgsonListened
CARNACKI 05 Searcher of the End House William Hope HodgsonListened
CARNACKI 06 Horse of the Invisible William Hope HodgsonListened
CARNACKI 07 Haunted JARVEE William Hope HodgsonListened
CARNACKI 08 The Find William Hope HodgsonListened
CARNACKI 09 The Hog William Hope HodgsonListened
 Chaplet SakiListened
 Children of Captain Grant Jules VerneListened
 Christmas 200 000 BC Stanley WaterlooListened
 Christmas Eve Nikolai GogolListened
 Cost of Kindness Jerome K JeromeListened
CracksmanAmateur Cracksman E W HornungListened
CracksmanFurther Adventuresm E W HornungListened
CracksmanThief in the Night E W HornungListened
 Cruise of the Dazzler Jack LondonListened
 Cupboard of Yesterdays SakiListened
 Damned Thing Ambrose BierceListened
 Dead Men Tell No Tales E W HornungListened
 Dead Smile F Marlon CrawfordListened
 Defensive Diamond SakiListened
 Dirty Money James HerlihyListened
 Disintegration Machine Arthur Conan DoyleListened
 Doctors Ghost Norman MacLeodListened
 Dog or Demon Theo GiftListened
 Down Among the Dead Men Michael HartlandListened
 Dracula Bram StokerListened
 Draculas Guest Bram StokerListened
 Dreamland Bride Theophile GautierListened
 Drop of Blood Mor JokaiListened
 Easter Egg SakiListened
EdgarPoeAssigantion Edgar PoeListened
EdgarPoeBerenice Edgar PoeListened
EdgarPoeBlack Cat Edgar PoeListened
EdgarPoeCask Of Amontillado Edgar PoeListened
EdgarPoeDescent Into Mealstrom Edgar PoeListened
EdgarPoeHomo Cameleopard Edgar PoeListened
EdgarPoeHop Frog Edgar PoeListened
EdgarPoeHouse Of Usher Edgar PoeListened
EdgarPoeImp of Perverse Edgar PoeListened
EdgarPoeIsland of Fay Edgar PoeListened
EdgarPoeKing Pest Edgar PoeListened
EdgarPoeLigeia Edgar PoeListened
EdgarPoeLoss of Breath Edgar PoeListened
EdgarPoeMan that was Used Up Edgar PoeListened
EdgarPoeMarie Roget Mystery Edgar PoeListened
EdgarPoeMetzengersein Edgar PoeListened
EdgarPoeMonsieur Valdemar Edgar PoeListened
EdgarPoeMorella Edgar PoeListened
EdgarPoeMS in The Bottle Edgar PoeListened
EdgarPoeNever Bet the Devil Your Head Edgar PoeListened
EdgarPoeOblong Box Edgar PoeListened
EdgarPoeOval Portrait Edgar PoeListened
EdgarPoePit and Pendulum Edgar PoeListened
EdgarPoePremature Burials Edgar PoeListened
EdgarPoePurloined Letter Edgar PoeListened
EdgarPoeRed Death Edgar PoeListened
EdgarPoeRue Morgue Murders Edgar PoeListened
EdgarPoeShadow-Parable Edgar PoeListened
EdgarPoeSilence-Fable Edgar PoeListened
EdgarPoeSome Words with a Mummy Edgar PoeListened
EdgarPoeSphinx Edgar PoeListened
EdgarPoeSystem of Dr Tarr and Prof Fether Edgar PoeListened
EdgarPoeTell Tale Heart Edgar PoeListened
EdgarPoeThe Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym of Nantucket Edgar PoeListened
EdgarPoeUnparalleled Adventure of One Hans Pfaall Edgar PoeListened
EdgarPoeVon Kempelen and his Discovery Edgar PoeListened
EdgarPoeWilliam Wilson Edgar PoeListened
 Edward Randolphs Portrait Nathaniel HawthorneListened
 Enchanted Typewriter John Kendrick BangsListened
 Episode of Cathedral History M R JamesListened
 Faerie Queene Edmund SpenserListened
FANTOMAS 1 Fantomas Marcel AllainListened
FANTOMAS 2 The Silent Executioner Marcel AllainListened
 Fatal Cradle Wilkie CollinsListened
Father Brown Absence of Mr Glass G K ChestertonListened
Father Brown Arrow of Heaven G K ChestertonListened
Father Brown Doom of the Darnaways G K ChestertonListened
Father Brown Hammer of God G K ChestertonListened
Father Brown Invisible Man G K ChestertonListened
Father Brown Man in the Passage G K ChestertonListened
Father Brown Mirror of the Magistrate G K ChestertonListened
Father Brown Mistake of a Machine G K ChestertonListened
Father Brown Oracle of the Dog G K ChestertonListened
Father Brown Purple Wig G K ChestertonListened
Father Brown Queer Feet G K ChestertonListened
Father Brown Secret Garden G K ChestertonListened
Father Brown Song of the Flying Fish G K ChestertonListened
Father Brown Wrong Shape G K ChestertonListened
 Feet Mark ChanningListened
 Flying Dutchman Washington IrvingListened
 Food of the Gods H G Wells...Listening...
 For the Blood is the Life Francis Marion Crawford 
 Four Just Men Edgar Wallace 
 Frankenstein Mary Shelley 
 Furnished Room O Henry 
 Gabriel Ernest Saki 
 Gala Programme Saki 
 Gay Hunter J Leslie Mitchell 
 Ghost of Dorothy Dingley Daniel Defoe 
 Ghost Pirates William Hope Hodgson 
 Ghost Ship Richard Middleton 
 Ghost Story Mark Twain 
 Ghosts Touch Fergus Hume 
 Gold Axe Gaston Leroux 
 Grave by the Handpost Thomas Hardy 
 Gray Wolf George MacDonald 
 Green Tea J Sheridan Le Fanu 
 Growing Gold Bram Stoker 
Gulivers Travel 1 Voyage to Lilliput Jonathan Swift 
Gulivers Travel 2 Voyage to Brobdingnag Jonathan Swift 
Gulivers Travel 3 Voyage to Laputa Jonathan Swift 
Gulivers Travel 4 Voyage to the Houynhnms Jonathan Swift 
 Hand Guy de Maupassant 
 Haunted and Haunters Lord Lytton 
 Haunted Dolls House M R James 
 Haunted Station Hume Nisbet 
 Heart of Darkness Joseph Conrad 
 Hearts of Three Jack London 
Hoare1Portsmouth Atrocities Wilder Perkins 
Hoare2Headless Captains Wilder Perkins 
Hoare3Matter Of Treason Wilder Perkins 
 Holiday Task Saki 
 HomoCameleopard Edgar Alan Poe 
 Horla Guy De Maupassant 
 Horror of the Heights Arthur Conan Doyle 
 Hound H P Lovecraft 
 Hounds of Fate Saki 
 How I Edited An Agricultural Paper Mark Twain 
 How I Killed a Bear Charles Dudley Warner 
 Huckleberry Finn Mark Twain 
 Hunted Down Charles Dickens 
 Interlopers Saki 
 Iron Collar Marcus Clarke 
 Jerry of the Islands Jack London 
 John Charingtons Wedding E Nesbit 
 John Dene of Toronto Herbert Jenkins 
 Journey to the Center of the Earth Jules Verne 
 Kai Lung Unrolls His Mat Ernest Bramah 
 King Solomons Mines Rider Haggard 
KWAIDAN Diplomacy Lafcadio Hearn 
KWAIDAN Jikininki Lafcadio Hearn 
KWAIDAN Jiu-Roku-Zakura Lafcadio Hearn 
KWAIDAN Rokuro-Kubi Lafcadio Hearn 
KWAIDAN The Dream of Akinosuke Lafcadio Hearn 
KWAIDAN The Story of Mimi-Nashi-Hoichi Lafcadio Hearn 
KWAIDAN Yuki-Onna Lafcadio Hearn 
Lady Molly 01 The Ninescore Mystery Baroness Orczy 
Lady Molly 02 The Frewin Miniatures Baroness Orczy 
Lady Molly 03 The Irish-Tweed Coat Baroness Orczy 
Lady Molly 04 The Fordwych Castle Mystery Baroness Orczy 
Lady Molly 05 A Days Folly Baroness Orczy 
Lady Molly 06 A Castle In Brittany Baroness Orczy 
Lady Molly 07 A Christmas Tragedy Baroness Orczy 
Lady Molly 08 A Bag Of Sand Baroness Orczy 
Lady Molly 09 The Man In The Inverness Cape Baroness Orczy 
Lady Molly 10 The Woman In The Big Hat Baroness Orczy 
Lady Molly 11 Sir Jeremiahs Will Baroness Orczy 
 Lady of Glenwith Grange Wilkie Collins 
 Lair of The White Worm Bram Stoker 
 Land of Mist Sir Arthur Conan Doyle 
 Leaden Ring S Baring-Gould 
 Legend of the Rhine W M Thackeray 
 Liberation of the First Three Price Warung 
 Loaded Dog Henrey Lawson 
 Lord Arthur Saviles Crime Oscar Wilde 
 Lord Jim Joseph Conrad 
 Lost Hearts M R James 
 Lost Stradivarius J M Falkner 
 Lost World Arthur Conan Doyle 
 Love-Philtre Of Ikey Schoenstein O Henry 
 Lucians Wonderland Lucian 
 Lukundoo Edward Lucas White 
 Lull Saki 
 Malcome Sage Detective Herbert Jenkins 
 Man and Snake Ambrose Bierce 
 Man in the Bell W A Aytoun 
 Man Who Was Thursday G K Chesterton 
 Man Who Would be King Rudyard Kipling 
 Man-Size in Marble E Nesbit 
 Maracot Deep Arthur Conan Doyle 
 Mark of the Beast Rudyard Kipling 
 Markheim Robert Louis Stevenson 
 Masada Never Again Jon Schiller 
 Mexican Jack London 
 Michael brother of Jerry Jack London 
 Middle Toe Ambrose Bierce 
 Monk Matthew Lewis 
 Moon Metal Garrett P Serviss 
 Moon-Bog H P Lovecraft 
 Moonraker F Tennyson Jesse 
 Moonstone Wilkie Collins 
 Murder Arnold Bennett 
 Murder by Proxy M McD Bodkin QC 
 Murder of the Mandarin Arnold Bennett 
 Music on the Hill Saki 
MUSKETEERS 1 The Three Musketeers Alexandre Dumas 
 My Lady Nicotine J M Barrie 
 Mysterious Mansion Honore De Balzac 
 Mysterious Stranger Mark Twain 
 Mystery of Room 666 Jacques Futrelle 
 Negotium Perambulans E F Benson 
 New Sun J S Fletcher 
 New Terror Gaston Leroux 
 Nigger of the Narcissus Joseph Conrad 
 Open Window Saki 
 Paradoxes of Mr Pond G K Chesterton 
 Phantom Coach Amelia B Edwards 
 Phantom of the Opera Gaston Leroux 
 Pickwick Papers Charles Dickens 
 Picture Of Dorian Gray Oscar Wilde 
 Pieces of Eight Richard Le Gallienne 
 Pirate of the Land Arthur Conan Doyle 
 Poison Belt Arthur Conan Doyle 
 Pope's Mule Alphonse Daudet 
 Pot of Caviare Arthur Conan Doyle 
Prince Zaleski 1 The Race of Orven M P Shiel 
Prince Zaleski 2 The Stone of the Edmundsbury Monks M P Shiel 
Prince Zaleski 3 The SS M P Shiel 
Prince Zaleski 4 Return of Prince Zaleski M P Shiel 
 Princess's Vengeance C L Pirkis 
 Prisoner in The Caucasus Lev Tolstoy 
 Prisoner of Zenda Anthony Hope 
 Proofs of Holy Writ Rudyard Kipling 
 Public Relations Patrick Walsh 
 Quentin Durward Sir Walter Scott 
 Rats M R James 
Red Cavalry Afonka Beda Isaac Babel 
Red Cavalry My First Goose Isaac Babel 
Red Cavalry Preschepa's Vengeance Isaac Babel 
Red Cavalry Salt Isaac Babel 
Red Cavalry Story of Mathew Pavlichenko Isaac Babel 
 Remoulding of Groby Lington Saki 
 Resurrectionist Samuel Warren 
 Reticence of Lady Anne Saki 
 Riddle of the Sands Erskine Childers 
 Right Ho Jeeves P G Wodehouse 
 Robinson Cruso Daniel Defoe 
 Romance of Old Clothes Henry James 
 Romancers Saki 
ROMANS Centurion Arthur Conan Doyle 
ROMANS Coming of the Huns Arthur Conan Doyle 
ROMANS Contest Arthur Conan Doyle 
ROMANS First Cargo Arthur Conan Doyle 
ROMANS Giant Maximin Arthur Conan Doyle 
ROMANS Home-Coming Arthur Conan Doyle 
ROMANS Iconoclast Arthur Conan Doyle 
ROMANS Last Galley Arthur Conan Doyle 
ROMANS Last of the Legions Arthur Conan Doyle 
ROMANS Point of Contact Arthur Conan Doyle 
ROMANS Red Star Arthur Conan Doyle 
ROMANS Through the Veil Arthur Conan Doyle 
 Rupert of Hentzau Anthony Hope 
 Salavandra Theodor Erski 
 Salvationists Villiers de Le Isle Adam 
 Sapient Monkey Headon Hill 
 Scarlet Plague Jack London 
 Sea Wolf Jack London 
 Secret Agent Joseph Conrad 
 Seven Steps to Treason Michael Hartland 
 Sexton Blake and the Time-Killer anonymous author 
 Shadow of a Shade Tom Hood 
 She H Rider Haggard 
SherlockHolmesAdventures Arthur Conan Doyle 
SherlockHolmesBaskervilles Arthur Conan Doyle 
SherlockHolmesCasebook Arthur Conan Doyle 
SherlockHolmesLast Bow Arthur Conan Doyle 
SherlockHolmesMemoirs Arthur Conan Doyle 
SherlockHolmesReturn Arthur Conan Doyle 
SherlockHolmesSign Of Four Arthur Conan Doyle 
SherlockHolmesStudy In Scarlet Arthur Conan Doyle 
SherlockHolmesValley Of Fear Arthur Conan Doyle 
 Signalman Charles Dickens 
 Silver Mirror Arthur Conan Doyle 
 Sir Nigel Arthur Conan Doyle 
 Slapping Sal Arthur Conan Doyle 
Smoke Bellew 01 The Taste of the Meat Jack London 
Smoke Bellew 02 The Meat Jack London 
Smoke Bellew 03 The Stampede to Squaw Creek Jack London 
Smoke Bellew 04 Shorty Dreams Jack London 
Smoke Bellew 05 The Man on the Other Bank Jack London 
Smoke Bellew 06 The Race for Number One Jack London 
Smoke Bellew 07 The Little Man Jack London 
Smoke Bellew 08 The Hanging of Cultus George Jack London 
Smoke Bellew 09 The Mistake of Creation Jack London 
Smoke Bellew 10 A Flutter in Eggs Jack London 
Smoke Bellew 11 The Town-Site of Tra-Lee Jack London 
Smoke Bellew 12 Wonder of Woman Jack London 
 Son of the Wolf Jack London 
 Sowing Glory P C Wren 
 Spectre Bridegroom Washington Irving 
 Sphinx Of The Ice Fields Jules Verne 
 Squaw Bram Stoker 
 Squires Story Mrs Gaskell 
 Sredni Vashtar Saki 
 St Vespaluus Saki 
 Staley Flemings Hallucination Ambrose Bierce 
 Stolen Cigar Case Brett Harte 
 Story-Teller Saki 
 Tale Joseph Conrad 
 Talisman Of Ictis Michael Moore 
 Taming The Bicycle Mark Twain 
 Tapestried Chamber Sir Walter Scott 
 Taras Bulba Nikolai Gogol 
 Terrible Solomons Jack London 
 Terrible Tale Gaston Leroux 
 Terribly Strange Bed Wilkie Collins 
 Terror of Blue John Gap Arthur Conan Doyle 
 Thousand Deaths Jack London 
 Three Go Back J Leslie Mitchell 
 Three Men in a Boat Jerome K Jerome 
 Three Men on the Bummel Jerome K Jerome 
 Three Versions of Judas Jorge Luis Borges 
 Thurnley Abbey Perceval Landon 
 Ticket Please D H Lawrence 
 Titan Morgan Robertson 
 Tobermory Saki 
 Tom Jones Henry Fielding 
 Tom Sawyer Mark Twain 
 Tom Sawyer Abroad Mark Twain 
 Tom Sawyer Detective Mark Twain 
 Treasure Hunt Edgar Wallace 
 Treasure Island Robert Louis Stevenson 
 Trial for Murder Charles Dickens 
 Turn of The Screw Henry James 
 Typhoon Joseph Conrad 
 Umbrella Arnold Bennett 
 Unkindest Blow Saki 
 Unknown Weapon Andrew Forrester 
 Unrest Cure Saki 
 Upper Berth F Marion Crawford 
 Vanished Yacht E Harcourt Burrage 
 Vendetta Guy de Maupassant 
 Vengeance for Ippitha William Henry Suttor 
 Viy Nikolai Gogol 
 Voice in the Night William Hope Hodgson 
 War with Salamanders Karel Capek 
 Water Ghost of Harrowby Hall John Kendall Bangs 
 We Yevgeny Zamyatin 
 Well at the World End William Morris 
 Werewolf Frederick Marryat 
 Western Rebellions William Henry Suttor 
 When the World Screamed Arthur Conan Doyle 
 Whistling Room William Hope Hodgson 
 White Company Arthur Conan Doyle 
 White Fang Jack London 
 Who Killed Zebedee Wilkie Collins 
 Who Knows Guy de Maupassant 
 Why Herbert Killed His Mother Winifred Holtby 
 Will of Luke Carlowe Clive Pemberton 
 Wood Beyond the World William Morris 
 Woolf-Leader Alexandre Dumas 
 Yankee In King Arthurs Court Mark Twain 
 Yellow God H Rider Haggard 
 Yellow Wallpaper Charlotte Perkins Gilman 
 Youth Joseph Conrad 
 Ave Imperatrix Oscar Wilde 
 Ballad of Reading Gaol Oscar Wilde 
 Bishop Brougham's Apology Robert Browning 
 Bishop Orders his Tomb Robert Browning 
 Charge of the Light Brigade Lord Tennyson 
 Dole of King's Daughter Oscar Wilde 
 EdgarPoe-Raven Edgar Poe 
 Elegy on the Death of a Mad Dog Oliver Goldsmith 
 Etiquette Sir W S Gilbert 
 Fighting Temeraire Sir Henry Newbold 
 Gentle Alice Brown Sir W S Gilbert 
 Goblin Market Christina Rossetti 
 Green Eye of the Little Yellow God J Milton Hayes 
 Heather Ale Robert Louis Stevenson 
Kiplings Poems IF Rudyard Kipling 
Kiplings Poems Mandallay Rudyard Kipling 
Kiplings Poems Norman and Saxon Rudyard Kipling 
Kiplings Poems The Ballad of East and West Rudyard Kipling 
Kiplings Poems The Gipsy Trail Rudyard Kipling 
Kiplings Poems The MARY GLOSTER Rudyard Kipling 
Kiplings Poems The White Man's Burden Rudyard Kipling 
 Lady of Shalott Lord Tennyson 
 Rape of Lucretia William Shakespeare 
 Rape of the Lock Alexander Pope 
 Rime Of the Ancient Mariner PARODY anonymous author 
 Rime Of the Ancient Mariner Samuel Taylor Coleridge 
 Sphinx Oscar Wilde 
 Venus and Adonis William Shakespeare 
 Wreck of The Hesperus Henry Wadsworth Longfellow 
 Yarn of the NANCY BELL Sir W S Gilbert 
 Fanny Hill John Cleland 
 Kama Sutra Vatsyayana 
 Night in a Moorish Harem anonymous author 
 Perfumed Garden Sheikh Nefzaoui 
 Alice In Wonderland Lewis Carroll 
 Alice through the looking glass Lewis Carroll 
 At the Back of the north wind George MacDonald 
 Baron Munchausen R E Raspe 
 Birthday of the Enfanter Oscar Wilde 
 Devoted Friend Oscar Wilde 
Dragons Dragon Egg Cleve Gibson 
Dragons Dragon Lego Cleve Gibson 
Dragons Dragon Man Cleve Gibson 
Dragons Dragons Needles Cleve Gibson 
Dragons Dreadful Dragon of Hay Hill Max Beerboohm 
Dragons Kind Little Edmund E Nesbit 
Dragons Reluctant Dragon Kenneth Grahame 
Dragons Snap-Dragons Juliana Horatia Ewing 
Dragons The Book of Beasts E Nesbit 
Dragons The Deliverers of their Country E Nesbit 
Dragons The Dragon Tamers E Nesbit 
Dragons The Fiery Dragon E Nesbit 
Dragons The Ice Dragon E Nesbit 
Dragons The Isle of the Nine Whirlpools E Nesbit 
Dragons The Last of The Dragons E Nesbit 
Dragons The Sealed Envelope Cleve Gibson 
Dragons The Trophy Room Cleve Gibson 
Dragons Two Dragons William J Forster 
Dragons Uncle James E Nesbit 
 Ernest Fluffy Rabbit Alec Reid 
 Fisherman and Goldfish Alexander Pushkin 
 Fisherman and his soul Oscar Wilde 
 Five Children and It E Nesbit 
 Godmother's Garden Netta Syrett 
 Hammond's Hard Lines Skelton Kuppord 
 Happy Prince Oscar Wilde 
 House with the Twisted Passage Marion St John Webb 
 Hunting of The Snark Lewis Carroll 
 King of The Golden River John Ruskin 
 Knock Three Times Marion St John Webb 
 Little Boy Lost W H Hudson 
 Little Round House Marion St John Webb 
 Magic Lamplighter Marion St John Webb 
 Malchish Kibalchish Arkadi Gaidar 
 Mr Papingay's Fiying Shop Marion St John Webb 
 Nigtingale and roses Oscar Wilde 
 Nutcracker Alexandre Dumas 
 Old Genie Hottabych Lazar Lagin 
OZ 01 Wizard of Oz Frank Baum 
OZ 02 The Land of Oz Frank Baum 
OZ 03 Ozma of Oz Frank Baum 
OZ 04 Dorothy and the Wizard in OZ Frank Baum 
OZ 05 Road to OZ Frank Baum 
OZ 06 Emerald City of OZ Frank Baum 
OZ 07 Patchwork Girl of Oz Frank Baum 
OZ 08 The Cowardly Lion and the Hungry Tiger Frank Baum 
OZ 09 Little Dorothy and Toto Frank Baum 
OZ 10 Tiktok and The Nome King Frank Baum 
OZ 11 Ozma and the Little Wizard Frank Baum 
OZ 12 Jack Pumpkinhead and The Sawhorse Frank Baum 
OZ 13 The Scarecrow and The Tin Woodman Frank Baum 
OZ 14 Tik-Tok of OZ Frank Baum 
OZ 15 Scarecrow of OZ Frank Baum 
OZ 16 Rinkitink in OZ Frank Baum 
OZ 17 The Lost Princess of Oz Frank Baum 
OZ 18 The Tin Woodman of Oz Frank Baum 
OZ 19 The Magic of Oz Frank Baum 
OZ 20 Glinda of Oz Frank Baum 
 Phoenix and The Carpet E Nesbit 
 Pied Piper Robert Browning 
 Prince and Pauper Mark Twain 
 Prince Prigio Andrew Lang 
 Prince Recardo Andrew Lang 
 Princess and Curdie George MacDonald 
 Princess and The Goblin George MacDonald 
 Queen of The Pirate Isle Brat Harte 
 Queen Who Came to Town Dulcima Glasby 
 Remarkable Rocket Oscar Wilde 
 Reynard The Fox C S Evans 
 Rip Van Winkle Washington Irving 
 Rose and the Ring W M Thackeray 
 Scarlet Sails Alexander Green 
 Selfish Giant Oscar Wilde 
 Star-Child Oscar Wilde 
Stary NightsAbsentminded Ghost  
Stary NightsGumball  
Stary NightsSmiffy  
 Story of the Amulet E Nesbit 
 Terrible Tomboy Angela Brazil 
 Three Fat Men Yuri Olesha 
 Tinkelly Winkle Netta Syrett 
 To Central Africa on Iceberg Charles Squire and Frank Maclean 
 Water Babies Charles Kingsley 
 White Cow Lao Tzu 
 Wind in the Willows Kenneth Grahame 
 Wizard of Oz Frank Baum 
 Wizard Prang Alec Reid 
 Young King Oscar Wilde 
 Abolishing of Christianity in England Jonathan Swift 
 Art of War Sun Tzu 
 Attaining the Worlds Beyond Rav Michael Laitman 
 Book of Lord Shang Shang Yang 
 Card Games Up To Date Charles Roberts 
 Communist Manifesto Karl Marx and Fredrick Engels 
 Declaration of Independence Thomas Jefferson 
 Domestic Blunders of Women A Mere Man 
 Koran Allah 
 Life of Buddha L Adams Beck 
 MAHOMMED The Great Arabian Meredith Townsend 
 Manners for Men Mrs Humphry 
 Mein Kampf book1 Adolf Hitler 
 Modest Proposal Jonathan Swift 
 Natural History of Stuck-Up People Albert Smith 
OnWar Book1 Carl von Clausewitz 
OnWar Book2 Carl von Clausewitz 
OnWar Book3 Carl von Clausewitz 
OnWar Book4 Carl von Clausewitz 
POKER Cheating Methods and Sleight-of-Hands Theo Hardison 
POKER Its Laws and Principles Algernon Crofton 
Real Pirates Anne Bonny Captain Charles Johnson 
Real Pirates Blackbeard Captain Charles Johnson 
Real Pirates Capatan Anstis Captain Charles Johnson 
Real Pirates Capatan Avary Captain Charles Johnson 
Real Pirates Capatan Davis Captain Charles Johnson 
Real Pirates Capatan Evans Captain Charles Johnson 
Real Pirates Capatan Martel Captain Charles Johnson 
Real Pirates Capatan Rackham Captain Charles Johnson 
Real Pirates Capatan Vane Captain Charles Johnson 
Real Pirates Captain England Captain Charles Johnson 
Real Pirates Captain Kidd Captain Charles Johnson 
Real Pirates Captain Lowther Captain Charles Johnson 
Real Pirates Captain Phillips Captain Charles Johnson 
Real Pirates Captain Spriggs Captain Charles Johnson 
Real Pirates Captain Weril Captain Charles Johnson 
Real Pirates Introduction Captain Charles Johnson 
Real Pirates Major Bonnet Captain Charles Johnson 
Real Pirates Mary Read Captain Charles Johnson 
 Tao Te Ching Lao Tzu 
 Wandering Jew S Baring-Gould 
 Zaratustra F. Nietzsche