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the Enemy Within (1997)
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Larry Bond
Larry K. Bond
Publication Date 3/1/1997
Format Paperback
Publisher Warner Vision
What it a foreign nation launched a war against the United States within its own borders?

America's largest cities are in flames. Its majestic landmarks are in ruins. Electronic sabotage cripples its communications systems. Race battles against race in a civil conflagration. The first waves of a meticulously orchestrated international terrorist campaign have achieved a stunning, terrifying success.

As grim national leaders hunker down with advisors, as the finest living minds in strategic intelligence link up to search out and destroy the source of the savagery, as armies both with and without uniforms mobilize to win the ultimate unconventional war, two men -- once friends, now adversaries to the death -- race to a decisive confrontation.

An epic suspense thriller as only Larry Bond could create, The Enemy Within penetrates the world of domestic counterterrorism and is a warning cry that cannot be ignored.

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ISBN 0446603856
Cover Price $7.99
Nr of Pages 528
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