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Song of the Axe (The Song of the Axe) (2002)
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John R. Dann
Publication Date 7/14/2002
Format Paperback
Publisher Tor Books
In the tradition of Jean Auel's famous Clan of the Cave Bear, Song of the Axe is about the rich panorama of prehistoric life spread out on an epic canvas, and the origin of myth in historical events.

Song of the Axe is the story of two lovers, Agon and Eena, and their family, who lived 30,000 years ago. Agon is a great warrior, a master of the deadly axe song, the music of his weapon. Eena, beloved of Mother Earth, can fight like a man and cast a spear better than anyone. They and their tribe live by the banks of a huge, glacier-fed river at a time near the end of an Ice Age, when fearsome invaders threaten their lives.
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ISBN 0812589505
Cover Price $7.99
Nr of Pages 624
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