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Open Skies, Closed Minds (2000)
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Nick Pope
Publication Date 1/11/2000
Format Paperback
Publisher Dell
Terrifying abductions...Unidentified spacecraft...Secret alien autopsies...Government cover-ups...

It's real. It's happening. And a government insider has the chilling facts...

A Canadian geologist is blasted in the chest by the heat from a landed UFO, a grid pattern of the exhaust vent burned onto his skin... A Texas restaurant owner develops radiation sickness after her terrifying close encounter... Belgian F-16 pilots try to intercept a huge triangular-shaped UFO that proceeds to fly rings around their aircraft in a chase lasting seventy-five minutes...

It's not science fiction. It's science fact. Aircraft are being brought down or disappearing under mysterious circumstances. People are being taken against their will and forced to endure terrifying examinations. Cattle are found butchered and mutilated by lasers. In this chilling exposé of his years spent at the UFO desk of the British Ministry of Defence, Nick Pope opens up his actual government X-files and reveals the uncensored, undeniable facts to support his shattering conclusions...
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ISBN 0440234891
Cover Price $5.99
Nr of Pages 320
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