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Treehouses: View from the top (2003)
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John Harris
Publication Date 11/1/2003
Format Hardcover
Publisher The Lyons Press
There is something gloriously childlike, adventurous, and escapist in a refuge hidden away in the trees. Here, the master builders at PearTree, architects of the finest custom treehouses in the world, take readers through their most beautiful projects, and tell exactly how it's done. Today's structures are a far cry from the small and unstable affairs that the word treehouse might conjure. These are beautiful retreats nestled in the branches. Treehouses shows just how far the idea can be taken, including offices, dining rooms, writing spaces, and whole complexes attached by rope ladders. They are designed inside and out with the best materials to offer comfort and repose and fit in with their surroundings, the tree itself becoming part of the interior. In fact, PearTree considers the future growth of the trees they use, allowing for adjustment.

For the reader who'd like to build his own place in the sky, the book gives suggestions on how to pick a tree, assess its health, and plan a structure. For those readers who prefer to dream, shots of interior and exterior, complete with wonderful views, conjure the restful sound of foliage in the breeze. The result is a beautiful book that will be visited time and time again.
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ISBN 1592281559
Cover Price $29.95
Nr of Pages 176
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