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Japanese: The Spoken Language (Part 1) (1987)
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Eleanor Harz Jorden
Publication Date 9/10/1987
Format Paperback
Publisher Yale University Press
These audio cassette recordings are designed to accompany the Japanese: The Spoken Language textbook and include Drills, Core Conversations, and Eavesdropping Exercises. This revised edition contains 14 cassettes with built-in pauses for students to repeat after the model. Japanese: The Spoken Language textbook includes brief and natural core conversations, drills, and explanations of linguistic analysis and of how the language is used within Japanese society today. The core conversations cover situations in which foreigners typically find themselves interacting with Japanese. Hundreds of drills are presented in a response format, so that each exchange constitutes a mini-conversation. Instead of overwhelming students with the unfamiliar Japanese writing system, the authors intentionally use romaji, or alphabetized Japanese, throughout the texts so students can concentrate on developing their Japanese communication skills.
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ISBN 0300038348
Cover Price $30.00
Nr of Pages 371
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