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Tom Clancy's Op-Center: Mirror Image (Tom Clancy's Op Center (Paperback)) - Mirror Image - Tom Clancy - Mass Market Paperback (1995)
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Tom Clancy
Jeff Rovin
Publication Date 1995
Format Mass Market Paperback (175 x 107 mm)
Publisher Berkley Publishing Group
Language English
Adventure/SuspenseLarge Print Edition* A New York Times BestsellerKurdish terrorists have attacked a dam inside the borders of Turkey, threatening the water supply of their homeland. It is not insanity, but the first step in a deceptively simple plan: force all-out war in the Middle East, drawing in the major players in the new world order. What the terrorists dont know is that a new Regional Op-Center is now on-line in Turkey and is a cutting edge surveillance and information mecca. Its team can see exactly what the Kurdish rebels are trying to do. But the terrorists are more resourceful than anyone thinks. They have ways of obtaining classified information, and the Regional Op-Center is a prize they cant possibly pass up . . .
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Index 247
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ISBN 0425150143
Cover Price $7.99
Nr of Pages 448
First Edition No
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