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What the Cat Knows (2002)
Front Cover Book Details
Brent R. Schofield
Publication Date 2002
Format Paperback (227 x 154 mm)
Publisher Writers Club Press
Language English
When a small kitten (Cupcake) is brought home, her new owners (Andy and Carol) don’t quite know what to make of her strange behavior. Since Andy and Carol have never had a cat, they didn’t realize that all cats behave this way. As it turns out, there’s more going on in the home than Andy and Carol can see. Horrible germ creatures are lurking about, trying to make people sick. Only cats can see them and its Cupcake’s job to make sure she keeps these creatures from getting her family sick. The kitten attacks the germ creatures, even though she is very afraid of them. Another cat (Thomas) tries to help Cupcake find her courage. Thomas also helps Cupcake understand her feelings about the new baby that has just arrived in the home. Just as Cupcake is about to conquer her fear, an evil germ creature has come into the home and it’s after the new baby.
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ISBN 0595235379
Nr of Pages 108
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