Marine Navigation Chart Links

Updated 08/30/2009

My favorite place to order charts and books is

Here is a Map of the USA Great Loop Routes 1200x1376 1.6mb

Note: On this page, any downloadable charts are for viewing or printing only. They are not electronic charts for using with your electronic charting software. If you are looking for those, go back a page to the Free Chart Page

Link Type Description
Bluewater Books & Charts Sales As you might guess from the banner above, I like this place. That link is not a paid link. It's just there because I feel good recommending them to anyone. Everytime I have called I have gotten someone experienced. They have given good recommendations on what charts and cruising guides I needed. They sell multiple brands of charts and software. Also nautical books of all kinds.
Waterproof Charts Sales Specializing in waterproof charts. Especially inland waters and fishing charts.
Maptech Sales Worldwide coverage. Full size charts, fullsize chart collections, laminated folding charts, cruising guides.
Maptech Online Mapserver Online Look at Maptech's charts online. It's in small squares and is slow to navigate. But all their charts are there. Good for finding a single spot of seeing the detail for deciding whether to purchase. Not good for printing or planning. Basically a sales tool, but good for what it is.
NOAA Charts on Google Maps Online This is a demo site. Hope it stays up there. It uses Google maps as a base, then overlays the NOAA charts on top. You can set the transparency. USA charts only. This is the place to browse US charts online.
NOAA Booklet Charts Download & Print All the NOAA charts in a booklet for in PDF format. You can download the section you want and print them on 8 1/2 x 11 paper. The charts are divided between pages rather awkwardly, but, hey, they're free!
New Zealand tiff and jpg
If you know the chart numbers, use this link
Download & Print or geo-reference yourself The coasts and surrounding oceans in .tiff and .jpg format. 11 regions or select individual charts. These are not geo-referenced so cannot be used directly by navigation software, but they could be geo-referenced. They are tedious to download. If you know the chart numbers, use this link. Or, if you want the entire thing in a 429mb .zip file, e-mail me for the link to download it from my site.

And for something new and excitingly different:

Link Type Description
LanierMAPPED Videos of Lake Lanier fishing features This site has short video clips taken during the deep drought last year (2008). They show stumps, trees, debris and other things you normally never get a look at. They pan around and zoom in on landmark features so you can see where you are on the lake. Then they give you the GPS co-ordinates. Something like 300 clips are for sale. Clickable map to choose the area of the lake you are interested in. There is a free sample clip you can watch. Buy it on the site and then download it right then. If you really want to know the (now) secret fishing spots on Lake Lanier, this is the resource for you.

I want to include as many links to charts as possible, so Please email me with links or suggestions.