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All I Really Need To Know I Learned In Kindergarten (1989)
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Robert Fulghum
Publication Date 10/30/1989
Format Paperback
Publisher Ivy Books
A modern classic, and a phenomenal bestseller, this simple collection of thoughts and gentle opinion has struck a deep chord in readers all over the world. Observing our times in his unique way, Robert Fulghum has tapped into the community that we all share and tells us something about ourselves and how to be the best we are capable of. He reminds us to share, clean up our own mess, take a nap every afternoon, and to be aware of wonder.
"Within simplicity lies the sublime."
"A healthy antidote to the horrors that pummel us in this dicey age."
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Index 40
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ISBN 080410526X
Cover Price $6.99
Nr of Pages 208
First Edition No
Rare No